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This is our Methodology page. Here we will tell you about the tags that we used while marking up the novels, what they mean and what attributes are associated with them.

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This tag is used for characters in the book who are assisting the protagonists but are not members of the Fellowship. This tag includes a race attribute which notes the race of the ally as well as a name attribute.

For example, <ally race="elf" name="elrond" >Elrond</ally>.


In the physical Lord of the Ring copies, each novel is broken up into two books. We decided to keep this and each book is surrounded by book tags, containing all of the chapters. We used the n attribute to mark the number of each book.

For example, <book n="1">Book I <chapter n="#" > Text </chapter></book>.


As you might imagine, these tags go around each chapter. They have an n attribute which marks their chapter number.

For example, <chapter n="#" > Text </chapter>


We used this tag to mark members of the Fellowship. Each tag contains a name attribute that uses initials to indicate which member the tag is surrounding.

For example, <fellowshipMember name="fb">Frodo Baggins</fellowshipMember>.


This tag is used to mark anywhere food appears. This tag includes a type attribute that indicates whether the food item is human, elvish, dwarven, orc, or hobbit in origin.

For example, <foodItem type="elvish">Lembas</foodItem>.


This tag marks scenes where characters eat together.


This tag surrounds the name of the host of food scenes and feasts. It includes a hostName attribute whose value is the initials of the character hosting the event.

For example, <host hostName="bb">Bilbo Baggins</host>.


This is only used within song tags to mark the lines of each song.


This tag surrounds location names. We only tagged locations where a food scene takes place since we want to track the characters' progress by where they eat.


This tag is used to mark who is singing a song.


We used this tag to surround any songs being sung.

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